Alex Galetus, better known as Fibre, is a Romanian-born independent electronic artist based in Washington, D.C… Despite his youthfulness, he’s been dabbling with production since the tender age of 12. Honing his skills by stripping apart Daft Punk albums – and rebuilding them piece-by-piece – until he’d sussed the art of sampling.

He grew up studying the roots of 70s / 80s funk and boogie, and his sounds are clearly influenced by that era and the latter sounds of French House and Nu-Disco; early artists that amazed the younger Fibre were Justice, Lemaitre, and Sebastian, alongside disco purists like Dynasty, Jeff Lorber, and Gavin Turek.

These days he’s a highly-respected pioneer of Future Funk. Having released over 30 tracks to date including “Don’t”, “Odyssey”, and “The Only One” (with Discandy), his back catalogue includes dance floor masterpieces with fellow genre heavy-weights Beerlover, Vantage, and Aritus to name but a few.

In addition to working with online labels such as Future Society (which he co-managed for a time), Stratford Ct. and Business Casual, Fibre has drawn a huge – and passionate – international following and his plays have already gathered millions of hits online.

For his Virtues EP collaboration with Aritus, he toured the US hitting up Boston, NYC, Rhode Island, and Connecticut and has also played alongside fellow future-funkers Camino 84 and Amherst. Last year he performed at a few – fairly epic and impromptu – pop-up gigs around Europe; playing cities like Paris, Bucharest and London town.

Not one to stand still, Fibre has also launched the talent-ridden net label Montaime; focusing – quite naturally – on the funkier side of house and disco, his roster already boasts names like ev.exi, Vantage, android52, Unibe@t, Tendencies, Kuno-chan, Eduard Kort, SDR and Isaac Galvez. With more in the pipeline, the label has future releases to come from Discoholic, nukumachi, and PROUX no less.

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