Destry (aka Soulja / Destri)

Destry – who’s also known as Soulja and as Destri, among a few other aliases – is a Chicago-born vocalist who’s globe-trotted the world for over two decades. He originally began writing and singing in his local church at the age of 12, but Destry’s first professional debut came a few years later in the mid 80’s when he teamed up with Hudson Beaudy; a DJ who mixed with the epic “Hot Mix Five” and played regularly at Chicago’s legendary Taste Nightclub. Their club hit “Swing Your Body” (released under the name Destri) became a cult classic within the UK and Chicago’s fledgling house scenes way back in the day.

A few moons later, and one of the producer’s behind the ground-breaking “Love Can’t Turn Around” – Vince Lawrence – introduced Destry to Larry Sherman (of Trax Records fame) and Simon Golf who signed him up to Desire Records. Chris Perry, the manager of the Cure (and label owner at the time), added Destry to a roster including Rebel MC and Double Trouble. Desire Records then released Destry’s first album “Class House” that had no less than five dance-floor hits including; “Did You Find a Heart?”, ”Forever My Love”, “Only the Lonely Hearts” and “Only a Matter of Time”.

In 1991 the soulful sounds of Destry moved from Desire and worked with Bobby and Steve from Zoo Experience (and then Soul Heaven) where he wrote, sang and produced the hit song “Love Has a Hold on Me” (signed to Cool Tempo), this track made it to the top 40 in the Billboard Charts, and was also featured on the BBC’s East Enders.

Over the last three decades Destry has worked with the likes of Acid Jazz, 4-Liberty, Inferno Records, Heat Records, Pure Silk, 1044 MM, and N2 Records… he’s also had remixes and collaborations with some of the best known producers on the planet including Marshall Jefferson, Tin City, Kerry Chandler, Urban Syndicate, Short Fuse and Masters at Work if you please.

The singer, song writer, producer and re-mixer that everyone has heard but most don’t know his name, a larger than life behind the scene house-head who’s been there from the very start. The ultimate Soulja has, more recently, been behind the vocals on the hit track “I’ll Die for You” (featured on MTV’s commercial for the “Isle of MTV” with Roger Sanchez) alongside “Soul Central” and his album “Can You See” with Andy Ward.

Destry has had, at the very least, a song featured every single year in the dance charts for the last two decades. Everyone from Fatboy Slim to Armand van Helden has dropped one of his vocal delights at some point, and his airplay has been global for time. These days he’s based in Madrid, but regularly dabbling in the studio and entertaining crowds across Europe.

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