Android Apartment

Stemming from the idyllic Italian island of Sardinia, this serious Future Funker known as Android Apartment (and Alberto Rojch to friends) grew up influenced by the sea, the sunshine, and an eclectic mix of genres.

As a teenager he formed a rap clique in his hometown by the name of Traguardi di Speranza (Hope’s Goals) before getting distracted by skateboards, girls, and roller blades. In his early twenties he became a self-proclaimed screamo kid and emo warrior of sorts: he was in deep too, playing guitar in a band Il Mare Di Ross – named after a bottomless lake with all kinds of mysterious creatures at its depths – and he is still, to this day, an avid collector of screamo vinyl.

From day one of his 2015 debut, Android Apartment burst on to the Future Funk scene and has remained in the limelight with an incredible, versatile and delectable onslaught of epic nu disco tracks and awesome re-edits. Averaging three tracks a month, they are rumours that he never sees the true light of day and, somehow, Alberto survives on a strict diet of Japanese disco samples, noodles, fruit shakes, nostalgic loops, and double espressos. But these are merely rumours which sadly couldn’t be confirmed at time of press.

“With these sounds…” Alberto starts off thoughtfully, “I just adore the melodies of the instruments and the vocals; the nostalgic feel mixed with that future touch. I love the sampling; you can take very old music, restructure it and make it sound fresh whilst saving the retro style. I think it’s the perfect music for a bus ride or the nightclub: there’s a kind of magic to this genre.”

Now a fully established team player in the Future Society collective, and with releases numbering close to one hundred to date: Android Apartment shows no signs of slowing down. He has plays already hitting the millions – plus his kudos across social media, and his connections with his fans – only help in securing him a worthy place in the record books of this chic and fashionable genre.

From his debut album “Goodbye Tokyo Lights”, he’s relentlessly dug in the crates to sift out the most delicate of disco samples; bringing retro tracks up-to-date and yet keeping that nostalgic feel all the while. The pattern continues throughout his SoundCloud Edits series right up to his more recently released “From the Earth to the Moon LP”, and Mr Rojch is currently flat out with an Italian-influenced EP; the first track of which – released at the start of 2018 – has already made serious waves throughout clubland as he samples Pino Daniele on Il “Mondo Non è Come lo Vuoi Tu (The World Is Not What You Want)”.

In the brief – yet sky-rocketing – history of Android Apartment, Alberto has already spent time in the studio with the likes of My Name, Night Tempo, Discandy, Future Girlfriend, and Eliot the French Kid, and – during some brief escape attempts from the confines of his Tottenham-based studio – he’s played out at a choice selection of parties throughout Europe, often joining regular live stream sessions via the Artzie Music crew as well.

Simply put, if French House, Nu Disco and Future Funk are your bag, then Android Apartment is a name to listen out for. The future is funky, and this Italian intends to keep it that way.

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